Seeing Israel

Israel is a small, but fascinating country and we hope you'll use this trip to get inspired and see some wonderful places that span deserts, valleys, mountains, cities, holy sites and the sea.

Both of our mothers emigrated to Israel as children and lived here until moving to the USA, marrying and starting their families and careers.

To us, Jerusalem is a magical place rich with history, architecture, beauty and culture. We hope to show you a glimpse of that while we celebrate our union.

Here are some ideas for seeing Jerusalem and the rest of Israel:


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Mamilla-Shopping, galleries and cafes very close to the old city walls.

Machne Yehuda market-Jerusalem's amazing bustling outdoor market. Closed Friday afternoon and saturday. we are visiting and tasting the many delicacies of the market on tuesday or wednesday.

Masada and The Dead Sea

If you are in town on Monday August, 28th, take our private group day trip to masada and float in the dead sea, the lowest point below sea level on earth. Click here for details. To arrange a private tour on another day, email


The North

Sea of Galilee and Nazareth
The Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth. It is also known as the Kinneret or Lake Tiberias and known as the place where many of Jesus' miracles took place such as walking on water. Nazareth is a busy small city with a mostly arab population and known as the childhood home of Jesus.


Another ancient port city, Acre's medieval walls will have you feeling like you're in a game of thrones episode. There's also lots of fish, hummus and arabic sweets to buy in the narrow markets and perfect for a quick 1 hour walk if you are in the north of Israel.

Rosh Pina and Safed

Small towns in the north of Israel, Rosh Pina is quite hilltop community and artist colony while saved is small fascinating city home to the kabbalist Rabbis who moved to Israel from Spain and Portugal during the Spanish Inquisition.

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One of Israel largest cities, Haifa is home to the Bahai Gardens, German Colony and close to the Carmel forest.

The South

Miztpe Ramon and Crater
In the Negev desert, this huge crater in the earth is like Israel's Grand Canyon. The Negev is also home to vineyards, kibutzim and farms that use cutting edge technology to grow fruits and vegetables.

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Petra, Eilat and The Red Sea

Refreshing blue waters amidst red desert, the southern most tip of Israel borders Egypt and Jordan. This city is amazing for snorkeling and diving. It will be beyond hot(115 degrees) in august so be prepared to sit in the pool or sea all day and hydrate like it's your business.

To visit Petra, read the most up to date information on Israel's tourism website.

Tel Aviv and Jaffa

Amazing restaurants and nightlife, beaches, cafes, outdoor markets, boutiques, classical music, and art museums, Tel Aviv's bohemian culture is not to be missed and only a short 45 minute drive from Jerusalem.

Take an immersive walking food tour of Shuk Ha Carmel or Levinsky market with and visit the site to get some of the best suggestions for eating street food to tel aviv's best dining spots

Nachalat Binyamin-Tuesday all day and Friday mornings through early afternoon, visit this artist market with small stands for handmade jewelry and crafts.

Neve Tzedek
Home to the Susan Dallal dance center where Ohad Naharin choreographs his cutting edge dance pieces, the oldest neighborhood in tel aviv is quaint and quiet with interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. Close to Shuk ha carmel and nachalat binyamin.

Tel Aviv's old German colony has been renovated into brand new stores adjacent to a huge indoor food market.

The beach tends to get super crowded but makes for great people watching, especially on weekends. Head north to the beach near the Hilton hotel or just north of it. The beaches of Herziliya, north of Tel Aviv are also quieter.

One of Danielle's favorite places in the world, this ancient but still bustling old port city on the sea is adjacent to Tel Aviv. It's filled with art galleries and a gritty, super fun flea market area called Shuk Ha Pishpishim that has some of the best bars, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and junk stores in Israel.

Grab some pita with za'atar or sambusak at Abulafiya and check out the clock tower, old city of Jaffa, and shuk ha Pishpishim. You can also walk to Abu Hassan which is said to have some of the best hummus in Israel.

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